Never judge a record by the cover

Every record digger is bound to pick up those records that just ‘look dope’ thinking “there’s gotta be some sick break on here.” Sometimes this is true but sometimes you get stuck with music that is so bad you just sit there in a state of confusion and, if the record is cheap enough, you still buy the record because you like the artwork. (Yes, I’m one of those collectors that just loves the good artwork…it’s the design nerd in me!) Here are some recent finds that really sucked! One of the things I love about the iPhone is the camera. The quality indoors sucks but getting them off the phone and into my computer is really easy. You’ll see a lot of photos on this blog taken with my phone since I generally don’t carry a camera (just something else to remember/forget and to get lost/stolen/broken).

I was really kinda torn between the Ebony record on the Soul Trap label- it’s a bad reggae version of the Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney smash hit ‘Ebony And Ivory’. I knew the Latin Disco compilation was a gamble (these comps always are) but this was especially bad. The Sonny Okosun actually isn’t bad, I’m just not into highlife too much and was hoping for something much funkier. The Jewel Ackah was a total disappointment though..just bad 80’s commercial African music. You know, it sounds like it’s trying to be Americanesque but still African and just doesn’t work. It doesn’t help that they were trying to recreate American pop sounds from the mid-’80s.

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