Month: July 2008

Liquid Lady

One of my students showed me this earlier. It makes my back hurt just watching it. We just figured she’s replaced all her natural joints with robotic ones. I guess that makes her an android.

..and now you know

I’m a sucker for manufacturing process videos. Especially when it’s about my favorite drug. They’re leaving out a lot of info but these are still very informative. I would recommend digging deeper though. Let me know some more about this process, history or materials. I’m always trying to know more about anything dealing with vinyl,

Never judge a record by the cover

Every record digger is bound to pick up those records that just ‘look dope’ thinking “there’s gotta be some sick break on here.” Sometimes this is true but sometimes you get stuck with music that is so bad you just sit there in a state of confusion and, if the record is cheap enough, you