What the (bleep) do we know?!

Here’s a clip from the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know? (Down The Rabbit Hole)”. More specifically it’s from the ‘quantum edition’ which allows the viewer to watch the movie in potentially infinite ways by jumping in and out of ‘rabbit holes’ of information. By information, I mean rants by people who don’t know much but are really, really good at wondering and observing. By not knowing much I mean that they only know about 100 times what most of us morons do but still, I think they’re on drugs. Yes, drugs of information that they vomit back at us morons who don’t know what the bleep they’re talking about.

Oddly enough, this really is one of my favorite movies and I do actually understand what they’re talking about. I love all this nerdy shit though. It doesn’t make my brain hurt either because I’ve been smart enough to fill my brain mostly with beer and junk food.

I highly recommend watching the other clips or just do yourself a favor and rent or buy the movie. Make sure you get the second edition and rent it for at least a week or so to assure you have time to get through even half of the bonus features.

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