Awe…isn’t that sweet

Here are a couple stories that I thought were touching. I like romantic stuff like this sometimes because it makes me feel human and I can laugh at somebody for being such a wimp! (just kidding) I’m a bit of a romantic myself but I’m not sure I’d do anything as crazy as these guys. Then again, I haven’t been in a relationship for a long time and haven’t had the chance to spend as much time with someone as these guys have.

I think this story is amazing. Not only is it romantic and sweet but it really shows tests the limits of focus and endurance.
read- Man carves 6,000 stairs for his wife
(what if he was just building himself a faster escape route?)

Now, this one isn’t so sweet. Basically, this man is suffering from a common mental illness only found in males called ‘I can’t believe she did this to me’ syndrome. The cause is when a woman whom a man has spent considerable time, emotion and even money on, just decides to end the relationship or cheats on the man. Nobody really knows what causes the woman to do such things but some researchers believe they most likely suffer stupidity, selfishness and a cold heart. Unfortunately, symptoms will be the man for life but there are cures to make life livable again. Such as getting rid of any physical evidence that reminds him of the woman. That’s what this guy did. I wonder though if he’s selling everything he owns, isn’t he selling his life before her too?! That seems kind of dumb if you ask me. Yeah, ok, this guy is just an idiot and she should have left him. (“that’s right baby, you’re with me now and I’d never sell everything I own to get you out of my life. See, i told you I’m romantic!”)
Read his story and check out the auction>

On a side note, I’ve been asked the question ‘so, why are you single?’ quite a bit and I honestly don’t know. I have met and went out with a lot of girls in the last couple of years (like a pimp!) but have only met a couple that I sincerely wanted to be with. Even recently I met someone I really wanted to know and be with..she’s awesome, smart, funny, caring, interesting, etc…we had a great time and really connected and were both looking forward to seeing each other more…I wasn’t planning on building 6k stairs but would have done some other good stuff with/for her. We only hung out once though and she won’t talk to me now!? I know you’re probably thinking,”wtf?!” I don’t know, maybe you should ask her! haha.. Or, if you know someone whom I might like, let me know. I’ll warn you though, I’m picky..they must have all their limbs! (being awake, able to speak and walk would be nice too!) hehe…I kid, I kid..

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