Bad and worse videos of the week

Thanks to my man Statik for always taking time to suffer through some of the worst music clips on youtube and sending them to me. Thanks for taking one for the team bro!.I’m sure they get waaaay better but I turned them off at about the 20sec mark..because I didn’t want to spoil a good thing and that much awesomeness might be too much for me. Statik just gives me the war report.

First up is a group destined for stardom called Thug Slaughter Force (or TSF as I like to call them). This song is amazing because it seems like there’s only about 20 of them in the crew and together they were able to write these provocative and catchy lyrics that will be sure to make this an instant classic.

Next is a live performance of this new soul superstar named Tay Zonday doing his smash hit “Chocolate Rain”. Which, is apparently a more modern and urban version of Diarrhea Cha Cha Cha. Or maybe he’s just some sex perv like R. Kelly. Either way, people take this shit seriously!

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