Frequently Asked Questions

-How are you allowed to post music on this blog?
-I’m not allowed but I am doing it to promote the support and sales of music I like and think people should buy and listen to. I always try to provide links directly to the artist’s page where you can buy their products. If any artists or labels want me to take their music down I will do so immediately upon request. Or, if you have more info on any of the music on here, please let me know.

-I can’t download the songs. What is wrong?
-Nothing. I am posting music only to share the knowledge and to spark interest. Of course, I love those sites too where you can download songs. However, that’s not my goal or anything I’m personally interested in doing. If you have rare recordings of the trade I would be more than welcome to trade with you. The songs I post though, are just for listening and can be found by clicking on the “Listen” button up there in the menu bar. You can always download my mixes on that big “download” button to the right!.

-Do you still DJ and/or do mixes anymore?
-Not as much as I would like to. Going back to school to has essentially sidetracked me, or derailed rather, from DJing. It remains a passion of mine and will be able to focus on it again once I’m done with school make money again and regain focus. Of course, the downward spiral of the music scene here in Philly has also affected this but it is really more about pursuing a different creative path in the world of visual art & design. Sometimes when I do play out, I’ll record my sets and edit out some good segments to share. Plus, I still have a lot of old recordings of live sets and practice sessions that I’ll try to put up from time to time- just click on the ‘Downloads’ button from the main page.

-Can you post my music, art or design?
-You can email it to me and if I like it I definitely will.

-Can I contribute to the content or writing?
-Absolutely! Just email me links, pics or articles.

-How can we share links?
-Just email me with some information about you or your site/service. We’ll take it from there.

-Can we advertise on your site?
-Possibly. Currently, I’m only placing ads/links with people I actually know and support. I use do use AdSense in my RSS feed but would consider replacing that with a custom ad. I do want to have the option of having more ads for sites and products I support. If you’re looking at this site, we probably support each other already so it should be easy.

-Have I a different question?
-Just write me a message and I’ll be happy to answer. I’m pretty easy to find and will write back as soon as I can. Just click on the “Contact” section above.


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