Good to know: I’m not the only person with this theory

I’m not a scientist by any means although I love learning about scientific things. I am however into thinking about logical or practical theories to explain things. Such as, aliens really coming from the center of the earth and not the center of the universe…you know hardcore logic based on fact and empirical evidence. We don’t even know where the center of the universe is. Sorry ladies, you are not the center of the universe. That would defy logic and based on the evidence it would appear that the earth remains completely still and everything is moving around us…so, there you go, the center of the earth is where aliens come from.

Ok, back to serious reality land is the Pangea theory and plate tectonics. Even as a kid I thought it made more sense that the earth was at one point much denser and the surface was all land. Seriously, how else would all the land mass go back together unless the earth was smaller but contained the same mass? Plus, the earth is heating up and as things heat up they expand. Therefore, it would make sense that the earth is in-fact expanding. I stopped sharing this with people since it is an unpopular theory and was tired of it being called crazy, weird or dumb. I’m not surprised to learn that other people have thought this but are pleased to see that some lunatic made a video. It’s ok that I call him that because he is…C’mon, he’s a comic book author! Those people scare me more than animals that look like plants.

Here’s a video of this theory.

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