New styles of graffiti

Here are a few new explorations into graffiti worth checking out:

PaintThatShitGold allows you to bomb any other site on the web. It’s part of the promotion for Atmosphere’s recent album (I don’t know if it’s the most recent one)

Graffiti Playdo allows you to do graff with other people over the web.

Green Works’ Reverse Graffiti is a really cool project. So simple but thought-provoking in different ways. Thanks to one of my professors, Tony G from Grow Design, for letting me know about this. You can see a lot more pictures of these pieces on Flikr

Tagged In Motion is insane!!! I love the blend between the primitiveness (yes, it’s a new word now) of graffiti with the cutting edge computer/tech/geek/vr stuff.
This still blows me away when I watch it. I first saw this about 6 months ago and it’s stayed in my mind since then so it’s pretty damn impressive.

Hektor is another project I’ve known about for a while (although I was late…it’s a few years old). It’s essentially just a couple of motors and a string that moves the can of spray paint around. It makes the images from basic vector art and then figures out the path that it must go in to produce the art, similar to a CNC machine.

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