Revolutionary car-design looks fishy…

If you haven’t already seen or heard, BMW has developed a new car that uses fabric instead of metal as the outer skin. I don’t know why but BMW’s design team seems to like fish and sharks…this is seriously the 4th or 5th car from them that makes me instantly think of a shark, manta ray, anglerfish or some other type of marine life. Maybe they used a fabric like sharks’ skin? If you’ve never really looked at shark skin you should…it’s super aerodynamic but can also work like sandpaper in the other direction. Anyway, as a designer this project made me extremely happy:
1- it is really pushing boundaries and thinking way outside of the convention
2- it is REAL!! they actually did it!! (this is not just some computer model folks! they made and prototyped this!!)
3- it is promoting people to think about and question their consumption but also about their choices
4- it is a great study in materials and technology
5- it is a beautiful marriage of above and below the surface design and engineering

Unfortunately, this will only remain a concept car. There is only one and will be put into a German automotive museum. You can see some really good pictures of it at Autoblog.

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