Breaking News: Lil’ Wayne is an idiot!

I’ve always thought that Lil Wayne is amongst the most overrated rappers ever and could never understand why anybody in their right mind would think he’s dope. Seriously folks…explain to me why people continue to trick themselves, and him, into believing he’s even in the top 1,000 best MCs. If you’re reading this blog you probably already agree with me so I’ll spare you from ranting too much and just ask a question- how do we get people to realize that he’s wack and to stop supporting shit like this? or, at the very least, get people to realize that there are other really dope MCs such as Nas, Kweli, Common, etc…? (don’t wanna get too deep too early!)

Imagine if Lil Wayne used some of his money to take a class or buy (and read) a book!!?? You wanna know why people are so broke? They gave their money to corny muthafuckas like this!

DJs….please STOP playing Lil Wayne records. He doesn’t respect us so he gets no love.

Keep in mind, these are just a few clips and this is how he acts in public! Imagine what an asshole this dude is behind the scenes!! There’s a bunch of other crap from this dude online…his interviews aren’t even funny because kids are actually taking this serious. To his credit though, I’d rather listen to Weezy than Soulja Boy!

Check what he said in an interview about a month ago (this is before he threw a magazine in the interviewers’ face).

Now check what he was saying just a year ago-

Nice one the kids how to mix up some ‘lean’.

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