99 Problems

Really I have more than 99 problems but this is the 99th posting on here and that was a good, catchy and obvious title. Aren’t I clever?! (*patting self on back) Maybe I should have something better to post than just some jibberish about this being the 99th post but the truth is, I don’t.

Oh….I just thought of something…I recently got this dope 7″ by Kissy Asplund which is a modern R & B version of the classic drunkard song ’99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall’. I’m a drunk so which is mostly why I like it. SHIT!!! just spilled beer on my keyboard! Yeah, so what if it’s only 11 and I’ve already had a 6 pack.? You can buy that record and other good stuff from my man DJ Junior’s site RecordBreakin.com.

Listen to the song and buy it here

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