Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization

That is the title of the cover story for the new issue of Adbusters magazine. I don’t think this is the full article but is still highly recommended. Personally, I don’t quite understand that culture and don’t like most of the music. I’m not a hater though, and really like some of the music emerging from that scene and have dated some girls that would be considered ‘hipster’ and they were actually some of the best girls I’ve known. I guess I’m on the outskirts of it then in some weird way. I think the author of this article certainly raises some great points about how it is a culture based on following trends instead of following yourself. This has always occurred in fashion and music but not on such a broad scale. Ultimately, it is a result of the technology that has allowed for nothing to be truly underground and allows for all ‘counter’ cultures to have a fair share of the ‘mainstream’ market.

The biggest difference is that en masse, the followers of this trend have traded their individual purpose for the purpose of the companies they support. Most people feel that there should be more to life than partying and consumerism which is why the ‘hipster’ trend is so bizarre. Governments and companies love these people though because they are very obedient and predictable without even realizing it. I’m curious though, why so many people criticize this trend. Sure it is ridiculous and funny but, is it really different than any other trend? Well, according to this article, “yes!” The main difference is the people in this scene don’t acknowledge it and they themselves have no definition of where their scene fits in society or even where they fit as individuals within their scene. This is very different from other scenes driven by music/club culture. Ask a die-hard punk, b-boy, house head or rasta and they know where they and their culture stands and what it means to them and society. They have styles that they have openly adopted as theirs. Not the ‘hipster’ though. It is a very curious and interesting point in the global society.

read the article here

Die Hipster is kinda funny too…a blog from somebody in NY who really dislikes ‘hipsters’

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