Month: January 2009

Weird video of the week (January 30)

What’s up with the Ms. Melody look-alike trying to sing over techno beats and molesting muppets? IDK either which is why it wins the coveted title. If broken vases and flying flowers are your thing, this video is for you. On a side note, what’s up with everybody that isn’t hip-hop trying to look like

Bikers Revenge

This clever little intention is by two devilishly brilliant students at University of the Arts here in Philadelphia. Keying up your enemy’s car just got way more fun. This may also prevent asshole drivers to think twice before cutting you off or driving too close when they have plenty of room! They explain it better

I can explain..

Scientists seem to be confused about these ‘mysterious’ columns of light appearing in the night sky of Sigulda, Latvia. I have carefully examined the pictures online and can say that aliens are definitely here. Those are obviously beams of light from alien spacecraft. Trust me, I’m an expert. The real question is why they decided


For over a century people have been trying to find inventive ways of electrocuting themselves at home. Well, finally a group of socially conscious designers has developed an adapter specifically for sticking your fingers in the socket. No longer will you need to worry about fiddling around with forks or wire.

no, maybe this is the perfect woman..

This one is actually a ‘real’ woman and not android although she may as well be. She is extremely brilliant and beautiful. Her name is Neri Oxman and if you’re a geek or just into material science, architecture, design or art you already know the name or at least her work. I forget name pretty

That’s it, I’m leaving this country..

For years now I’ve been wanting to leave America for many reasons. It’s not that I’m anti-American in any way. The problem is that our system has failed us all miserably and I for one just cannot see myself ever living a comfortable life here. This movie somewhat helps to justify my decision to leave.