no, maybe this is the perfect woman..

This one is actually a ‘real’ woman and not android although she may as well be. She is extremely brilliant and beautiful. Her name is Neri Oxman and if you’re a geek or just into material science, architecture, design or art you already know the name or at least her work. I forget name pretty easily unless I’m reminded again. In this case, when I was reminded it was one of those, “Duh! Of course, I know her work!” kind of things. Amazingly, she’s still working on a Ph.D. in Design & Computation from MIT. Her body of work is very extensive and her list of awards and achievements is probably as long as she is tall. She’s studied all over the world, been showcased in Seed Magazine and featured in nearly any architecture or design magazine around the world, been in shows at museums around the world, spoke at several lectures and somehow stays very grounded. Perhaps it’s her medical background and growing up in Israel? In any event, she is destined to become one of the major players in architecture, design, and material science in the 21st century. So what does she do?

” M A T E R I A L E C O L O G Y was formed in 2006 by Neri Oxman as an interdisciplinary research initiative that undertakes design research in the intersection between architecture, engineering, computation, biology, and ecology. As such, this initiative is concerned with material organization and performance across all scales of design thought and practice. The material is interpreted merely as any physical entity which corresponds and reacts to its environment. As such, it seeks to promote and define a design research agenda which is ecological in nature, in ideology, and in material practice; it aims at embracing the evolving elements of change in both (and indeed related) social constructs and environmental descriptions of the ever-changing built environment.”

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