I will not be posting much for a while

I’ll try to keep this short. Today my computer was destroyed thanks to an ignorant/retarded/blind/shithead/asshole driver of a large truck. This waste-of-sperm actually passed me then proceeded to almost crush me between his truck and a parked PGW truck. Yeah, leave it to PGW to be at the right place at the wrong time! (oh man…don’t get us Philly folk started on PGW!!!!) So, in this fiasco, I was forced to get so close to the PGW truck that the edge of my bag hit the truck and I had to push my right elbow into the PGW truck to keep from falling. Fortunately, I was going fast enough to not get crushed and fortunately I’m one of those bikers that knows how to react when faced with sudden danger. And, luckily the force causes the shoulder strap on my bag to break which allowed me to keep moving. If my bag didn’t break I would have been in really bad shape.

Anyway….I am not physically hurt but perhaps I’m in a worse position than if I broke a leg or something. At least with a broken leg, I could still make money and do my homework. (remember, I took a dive into a design degree) So, now I’m completely stuck. I am in the process of working a few different angles to raise enough to get another computer. In addition to dressing up like a bum and begging for change, I am asking you all for some support. I promise when I get another computer I will record a new mix and post it up for your downloading pleasure. So, I’m not really asking for donations…it’s an investment on your future. Thank you!

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