Month: May 2009

Listen up- Reality TV feat. Black Thought

WHOA! I just got this a couple days ago….and I finally got my FTP issue resolved so I can do these posts again. Aren’t you lucky? This is the upcoming J.Dilla album ‘Jay Stay Paid’ coming out June 2nd. GET IT! I also included the song that first used this beat by Dilla’s homie Ta’Raach.

Wood + metal bike

Not much to say here. Just a really nice bike that uses wood instead of metal for some of the tubing. The joints are metal though. This was made by Arndt Menke. I am familiar with the bamboo bike by BME and the new Bamboo bike Ross Lovegrove designed for Biomega…and the wooden bike at

Musical explosion

Sorry, that was a very misleading title for an entry. Music is an intangible abstraction based on mathematics and physics as a result of vibrations. The term ‘music’ really doesn’t even have any true meaning since it is subjective to opinion. However, these images are ‘exploded’ views of music-making devices. These images are part of