Diggin’ At Home (June 2009)

I’ve been listening to my iTunes a lot of shuffles lately to try to rediscover stuff in my own collection. I’ve got a pretty large and very diverse collection so it’s pretty fun. Here are a few of the ‘new’ rediscoveries. That Dimenzio post from a couple weeks ago is also technically part of this.

First up is by avant-garde ’80s funk rockers The Flying Lizards. This group is amazing! They also do a cover of ‘Money’ by Don Covay which is one of my favorite 7″s to play in the most random places & times. Some of you hip-hop heads will recognize this song even if you’ve never actually heard it.

The Flying Lizards “Her Story”

Next is a song I never really paid attention to by one of the greatest groups of all time to come out of the African funk & afro-beat movement. They put out a few really good albums that are very expensive when found in good condition…actually even in poor, nearly unplayable, condition these albums still aren’t cheap. This is from their compilation on Strut records and is long out-of-print.

Blo “Preacher Man”

Here’s a track from a serious jazz group with a silly name on Gilles Peterson’s label, Brownswood. They also have the creepiest album cover in this post so let’s give it up for Soil & “PIMP” Sessions.

Soil & “PIMP” Sessions “Low Life”


This song produced by Domu with Pete Simpson on vocals is just beautiful. Excellent composition, lyrics, and harmony. The latin swing combined with the cadence of the vocals work well together to carry the song without losing your attention. The house remixes are worth checking out too.

Domu presents Pete Simpson “Won’t Give Up (album version)”


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