Month: August 2009

Lego my video

Where do people find time to do these things!!?? Oh yeah, I forgot, some people don’t have to actually work or pay bills…or just neglect everything to make awesome lego videos like this for 1,500 hours!! (or roughly 4 months of full-time work.

Yuri Suzuki

I need to apologize to you for not posting any of this guy’s work sooner! I swore that I did but when I was looking for the backlinks I realized I did not 🙁 Yuri Suzuki has done some of my favorite installation works that I’ve seen maybe ever. He is a very multi-disciplined creator


WOW! This is essentially an interface that requires only a computer, a webcam, a printer and a lot of ideas. The D-Touch sequencer and drum machine are available for FREE (both Mac and PC versions). Just watch the video and definitely go to their site. Simply amazing.

Let Yourself Feel

Nice animation, I think made with Processing, just simply using graceful strokes of color and quotes from famous designers and artists. This guy has a really impressive portfolio of motion graphics that you should check out.

Serpentine Pavillion 2009

This year’s pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery is one of the best pieces of architecture constructed this year. Designed by the team SANAA, this structure is meant to reflect on the natural environment of the park both figuratively and literally. The amoeba-like form seems to naturally flow as if it were water or a cloud.

Video Game Hell/Heaven

Interesting piece by German studio Muscle Beaver. I guess with a name like that you need to be dope…really, dope! Which they happen to be. Really good quality work on all fronts and a good range of styles.


It took this video for me to like this song by Mike Snow. I wasn’t really into but the video definitely does it justice. Really high-quality video shot in India.

Music In My Head

I hope I never need hearing aids but now at least there are options to make my hearing as good or possibly better than before. Plus, I can have music right in my ears via external source- MP3 player, radio, etc… These are attached to your bone behind your ear via small titanium screws that

Second Skin

Great documentary about gaming addicts. It’s presented and put together in such a way that it teeters on the edge of fiction which is fitting given the subject matter but is very real, bizarre and beautiful at the same time. I thought I’d fall asleep watching it at 3 am but ended up watching the