And we’re back….

After a long week of frustration and hard work, is completely revamped! So what’s the big deal? Well, for someone that barely knows any programming I did a pretty good job hard-coding CSS & HTML for a custom domain FTP blogger site. What does that mean in basic terms? A total pain in the ass! Apparently, you’re very limited in what you can do with the blogger on a custom domain unless you really tweak the template code…which I learned isn’t truly a “template”. So, unfortunately, I can’t use any cool XML stuff until I move the site over to a new service in a couple months. For now, I am satisfied but will continue to add some features and tighten things up along the way. If any of you know a good workaround to include a good tag/label cloud and solid code for pagination on an FTP blog, please let me know!! I tried everything I could find for both features and nothing worked.

So, starting tomorrow we’ll be back to our irregularly scheduled programming.

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