Yuri Suzuki

I need to apologize to you for not posting any of this guy’s work sooner! I swore that I did but when I was looking for the backlinks I realized I did not 🙁 Yuri Suzuki has done some of my favorite installation works that I’ve seen maybe ever. He is a very multi-disciplined creator but what I’m most interested in is his “sound art” pieces. He really pushes the limits of new uses for vinyl records and turntables in art and finds new and interesting ways to reinterpret how we interact with sound and the connection between music and the tangible medium. In addition to being a great artist, he’s also an electronic music producer and an industrial designer. Go to his website and do some searches for him to learn more.

His most recent exhibit is going on now in Luxembourg and is part of a show titled “Coalition Of Amateurs”. For this show, Yuri set up a full music production system which recorded music from 3 bands direct to master disk and then they pressed their own vinyl all on the same day!! I haven’t been able to find out details yet on how exactly he did it but it appears that he made is own CNC cutter to make the masters on a standard Technics 1200 turntable.

Of all of Yuri’s work, I’ve seen thus far, the pieces created for his well-noted “The Physical Value Of Sound” exhibit last year at Clear Gallery in Tokyo. This show included a turntable with 5 tonearms, jewelry with sound etched onto it to be played on a turntable, a piece called “Sound Chaser” that used pieces of records as train tracks for a miniature train engine with a cartridge and speaker in it and a piece simply called “Digital and Analog” which is just a regular CD on one side and the top has grooves etched in to play sound (I REALLY love that one). Some others I really love are his “Jellyfish Theremin”,”Finger Player” and his “Graffiti Radio” project.

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