Paul Henry Ramirez

The first time I saw a picture of something by Paul Henry Ramirez I really didn’t pay attention to it and just glanced over it as if it were just some other contemporary graphic design that I’ve seen thousands of times before. I think the piece was “Chunk 5”. The second time, however, his work immediately caught my eye. Sometimes we just need to be in a certain frame of mind to really appreciate something. When I did a little investigating to see more of his work I was hooked!

The thing is, his work is so simple it could have easily glanced over. When you take more than a second to really see the life in his pieces. The bold colors, simple forms, balance, and contrast all work in harmony to create depth and movement. In many of his works, shapes seem to assume the role of machinery and the composition is presented as one frame, frozen in time, of the workings of a larger machine and you wonder, “how this machine is working and why?” In his installations, Paul Henry Ramirez gets to show us how his canvases work with a larger machine and each piece works with the others to create a cohesive system that seems to be part of the architectural space.

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