Flat paper speakers..the future of sound?

If you’re slightly crazy like me, you’ve thought about the possibility of flat, flexible speakers and if you’re even partially out there you’ve considered paper speakers. Well, our dreams are becoming a reality. Scientists in Taiwan have developed a flexible paper speaker by sandwiching paper and CNTs together.
”Aside from use in family, stereo, or automobile hi-fi equipment, it can also be used in earphones or for industrial antinoise purposes,” says Johnsee Lee, president of Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), where the technology has been under development since 2006.

The device, named fleXpeaker, is basically a sandwich of paper and metal filled with an electroactive polymer that contracts and expands with an audio signal’s electric field.

”It’s soft [and can] easily fit in different curves,” says Ming-Daw Chen, division director of ITRI’s Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories. ”Therefore, the product customization can be done in diverse fields, such as art for public facilities, interior design,…costume accessories, and others.”

I doubt these will ever fully replace traditional cone speakers but for many applications, these will hopefully become the standard.

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