Month: November 2009

Birds, in concert

This is the first time I’ve really seen this phenomenon on video. Too bad it’s such low quality but still beautiful to watch. There’s a photographer, I think Italian, who does some great black & white photos of this sort of thing too. Sorry, couldn’t find the name in the few minutes I had to

Sound Sculpture

This is a nice little piece by Daniel Franke called “One Minute Sound Sculpture”. The idea of a sculpture made from sound is really intriguing to me and something I hope to explore in the near future. This guy’s take on it is pretty cool and he’s really good at tracking an animation and placing

Vincent Ganivet sculptures

French artist Vincent Ganivet makes beautiful and sculptures using mostly common building materials. They appear simple until you actually realize the work involved in making free-standing arcs and circles from cinder blocks. Have you ever thought about making a big trail using cinder blocks instead of dominoes? Yeah, we all have. But he actually does