I am SO anxious for this

If there’s one thing that REALLY annoys me it’s wired! Yeah, it seems silly since we think that we need them. In my mind, even as a kid, I thought there must be a way to transmit electricity without wires or at least figure out a better way to power our appliances and gadgets. Well, as luck/fate would have it, Marin Soljacic at MIT has finally got the technology at a point where it will be widely available in the next few years!! I first heard about this a couple years ago on MIT’s Technology Review website (it’s one of my favorite sites! yeah, so what I’m a nerd.) but at the time it was big and impractical. In addition to just making sense and being more convenient, this could have a major impact from an environmental perspective. Of course, companies will not stop putting wires on products anytime soon but in the future, we will hopefully see a dramatic decrease in the use of PVC & copper for wires. Wires actually account for a major percentage of PVC consumption. There’s also the environmental perspective of just how an area looks. whether in your house or on the street, wires are an unsightly eyesore. Think about how much better Tokyo will look without the wires everywhere!

I could go on and on about this but read about it more on his company’s website- WiTricity
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