The RZA conquers all

Over the years The RZA has always impressed me. I may not always like his music but can’t deny how prolific he’s been and how he’s been able to transcend beyond hip-hop. I’ll never forget meeting him like 11 years ago. I’ve met a lot of people in the music world, specifically the hip-hop world, and he really stood out. He talked to everybody he could, was friendly, warm and lacked any ego that you would expect. (at the time Wu-Tang was on top of the world) He just really seems connected to people and is very open-minded, positive and empathetic to the world but at the same time has been very business savvy. Now, what seems to be no surprise, he’s gotten into 19th-century style painting. It seems kind of humorous at first but then when you realize that he’s reinterpreting classic paintings with white guys and placing himself and other Wu-Tang members in the pieces, the message becomes more profound. This project is a joint venture with W.A.I.L. I’d definitely buy one of these if I had the loot.

Oh, and The RZA is getting into making movies now too!

You can register to purchase one of the prints at When Art Imitates Life

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