Terry Rodgers

I love these guys work. Mostly because his paintings are like snapshots from my personal life as an international player…Ok, the secret’s out! Don’t be jealous..as you can see, it’s just a bunch of sexy people lounging around naked, drinking champagne and smoking cigarettes. I don’t even like cigarettes!

“Rodgers’ current work focuses on portraying contemporary body politics. His rendering of the upper-class leisure life stands as an iconic vision of today’s society. The resulting paintings are not snapshots or slices of life, not verite records of actual moments in an actual party or family situations, or diaristic records of his life, but carefully constructed and composited fictions, designed to elicit the most meaning and sustain the maximum amount of ambiguity. ”

He also does a lot of G-Rated work that is equally impressive. I think his understanding and use of color & contrast is phenomenal and heightens the experience. Rarely are the subjects looking at us or even each other making me wonder about the activity out of the frame and also serving to fracture the space within the frame while maintaining a tight and balanced composition. I’ll refrain from more artsy talk…

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