Category: Design

Sound Sculpture

This is a nice little piece by Daniel Franke called “One Minute Sound Sculpture”. The idea of a sculpture made from sound is really intriguing to me and something I hope to explore in the near future. This guy’s take on it is pretty cool and he’s really good at tracking an animation and placing

Vincent Ganivet sculptures

French artist Vincent Ganivet makes beautiful and sculptures using mostly common building materials. They appear simple until you actually realize the work involved in making free-standing arcs and circles from cinder blocks. Have you ever thought about making a big trail using cinder blocks instead of dominoes? Yeah, we all have. But he actually does

Mos Def in Nippon

Definitely worth watching! Check the Ecstatic Mos Def on tour in Japan and get some perspective on where his head’s at, the importance of hip-hop and how the culture affects the world. Oh, and go get the new album, The Ecstatic!! One of the top 10 albums of the year…sure, there were plenty of good


Sure, you’ve heard of the CAD but now we have RAD (Robot Aided Drawing). Jen Hui Liao has designed and built the Self Portrait Machine to assist the sitter withdrawing themselves. The machine “takes a picture of the sitter and draws it but with the model’s help. The wrists of the individual are tied to

Visualizing Music

Really dope motion graphics by Belgian artist Gwen Vanhee exploring new ways to interpret music. Finding new and innovative ways to translate sound to visuals and vice versa always fascinates me. The graphics by themselves are great but the context and execution really bring them to a higher level. I highly recommend checking out some

We Were Once A Fairy Tale

Crazy new video from Kanye West…say what you will but the man’s got talent, vision and balls…yeah, he makes mistakes too, just like a normal human being…plus, the dude vomits and bleeds rose petals!! UPDATED- sorry…didn’t realize the Vimeo link was broken..Kanye posted it on his own site so you’d think it was legit..anyway here

More amazing animation by Blu

One of my first posts was an animation by this artist by the name of Blu. His style of animation blended with painting and graffiti is really dope. His newest animation is a collaborative piece done by David Ellis and is one of the best motion graphic pieces I’ve seen in a long time.

Paul Henry Ramirez

The first time I saw a picture of something by Paul Henry Ramirez I really didn’t pay attention to it and just glanced over it as if it were just some other contemporary graphic design that I’ve seen thousands of times before. I think the piece was “Chunk 5”. The second time, however, his work

Lego my video

Where do people find time to do these things!!?? Oh yeah, I forgot, some people don’t have to actually work or pay bills…or just neglect everything to make awesome lego videos like this for 1,500 hours!! (or roughly 4 months of full-time work.