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Yuri Suzuki

I need to apologize to you for not posting any of this guy’s work sooner! I swore that I did but when I was looking for the backlinks I realized I did not 🙁 Yuri Suzuki has done some of my favorite installation works that I’ve seen maybe ever. He is a very multi-disciplined creator


WOW! This is essentially an interface that requires only a computer, a webcam, a printer and a lot of ideas. The D-Touch sequencer and drum machine are available for FREE (both Mac and PC versions). Just watch the video and definitely go to their site. Simply amazing.

this makes me happy and sad at the same time

The industrial designer in me loves to see a nice cut-away of an object but this is almost sacrilegious! I think anybody that notices the beauty of an Aston Martin knows that they’re built very well and with great attention to detail. It’s bad enough that they need to crash-test a bunch of these but

Wood + metal bike

Not much to say here. Just a really nice bike that uses wood instead of metal for some of the tubing. The joints are metal though. This was made by Arndt Menke. I am familiar with the bamboo bike by BME and the new Bamboo bike Ross Lovegrove designed for Biomega…and the wooden bike at

Musical explosion

Sorry, that was a very misleading title for an entry. Music is an intangible abstraction based on mathematics and physics as a result of vibrations. The term ‘music’ really doesn’t even have any true meaning since it is subjective to opinion. However, these images are ‘exploded’ views of music-making devices. These images are part of

Lego manufacturing is neato

Gizmodo got an exclusive tour of the Lego manufacturing facility. I’ve seen quite a bit of these type of videos and have seen some things first hand but this process blew me away. To mass produce small objects like this on such a massive scale and to do it with such precision and quality is

Now people that use tools have a blog too

For years the internet has forgotten a small group of people. This small demographic is those among us that use tools to fix and build stuff. Well, now these freaks got their own blog. I checked it out and even found out that there are stores with nothing but tools (and now bottled water). Who’d

Change of heart…

It’s no secret that I don’t really care for large corporations that don’t do much good for the world. However, I really want to work with BMW. Very few companies are sincere about change and innovation and BMW clearly puts their money where their mouths are. From their new facility by Zaha Hadid to the