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Liquid Lady

One of my students showed me this earlier. It makes my back hurt just watching it. We just figured she’s replaced all her natural joints with robotic ones. I guess that makes her an android.

..and now you know

I’m a sucker for manufacturing process videos. Especially when it’s about my favorite drug. They’re leaving out a lot of info but these are still very informative. I would recommend digging deeper though. Let me know some more about this process, history or materials. I’m always trying to know more about anything dealing with vinyl,

New styles of graffiti

Here are a few new explorations into graffiti worth checking out: PaintThatShitGold allows you to bomb any other site on the web. It’s part of the promotion for Atmosphere’s recent album (I don’t know if it’s the most recent one) Graffiti Playdo allows you to do graff with other people over the web. Green Works’

Revolutionary car-design looks fishy…

If you haven’t already seen or heard, BMW has developed a new car that uses fabric instead of metal as the outer skin. I don’t know why but BMW’s design team seems to like fish and sharks…this is seriously the 4th or 5th car from them that makes me instantly think of a shark, manta

Wire Frame Car

I’m attempting to go back and find some of my favorite things I’ve seen online over the past couple years. This isn’t something I actively spend time on but some things show up again or I see something new that makes me go back and look at other work. Case in point: these sculptures by