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Weird video of the week

This is an odd choice. Actually, it’s not even so much about the video as it is the song itself. I really don’t find the kaleidoscopic effects all that weird or surprising for Erykah. The really bizarre part, for me, is that it’s featuring Lil Wayne!??? What the HELL is/was she thinking!? Now, he doesn’t

Vinyl Lives On

YES! Vinyl is still going strong and is actually been on a steady increase for the last decade and especially these last few years as CD sales plummet. There are about a dozen legit vinyl manufacturing companies still around in the US and they’ve all doing well. I’m looking forward to talking to these guys

Birds play guitar better than most people

For an upcoming show at the Barbican Art Gallery, French artist CĂ©leste Boursier-Mougenot has set up an environment for finches to be musicians. By setting up electric guitars to be the only perches for the birds to stand and play on, they are left with little choice but to make music. What’s astonishing is that

When The World Is Running Down

I’m not the biggest Police or Sting connoisseur but of all of their songs that I do know & love this is by far my favorite. Second place goes to “Voices Inside My Head” (although I prefer the deeper dub disco version by Common Sense). Anyway, this song really speaks loud as much now as

The RZA conquers all

Over the years The RZA has always impressed me. I may not always like his music but can’t deny how prolific he’s been and how he’s been able to transcend beyond hip-hop. I’ll never forget meeting him like 11 years ago. I’ve met a lot of people in the music world, specifically the hip-hop world,

More flat speakers?!?!

Just a couple of months ago I posted THESE amazing flat speakers coming out of Taiwan. And now I see these that were actually published even earlier. I think the ones from Taiwan will actually sound better though but still, these are amazing! A groundbreaking new loudspeaker, less than 0.25mm thick, has been developed by

Bikers Revenge

This clever little intention is by two devilishly brilliant students at University of the Arts here in Philadelphia. Keying up your enemy’s car just got way more fun. This may also prevent asshole drivers to think twice before cutting you off or driving too close when they have plenty of room! They explain it better