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no, maybe this is the perfect woman..

This one is actually a ‘real’ woman and not android although she may as well be. She is extremely brilliant and beautiful. Her name is Neri Oxman and if you’re a geek or just into material science, architecture, design or art you already know the name or at least her work. I forget name pretty

Design of the year..

Sure I post a lot of crazy things that all have merit but truth be told, I’m not really into most high-end design other than eye-candy. Furniture design mostly bores the shit out of me..’product design’ is usually pointless or wasteful..automotive design is relatively stagnant..and overall, the most so-called industrial design is only concerned with

It’s about damn time…

Thank you science! Finally, I can have a pet just long enough to love it and be sad when it dies in just 1-3yrs time. Scientists have cloned sheep, grown teeth in Petri dishes and teleported metal. So, some of these mad scientists got together and thought this would be a great idea. You get