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And we’re back….

After a long week of frustration and hard work, is completely revamped! So what’s the big deal? Well, for someone that barely knows any programming I did a pretty good job hard-coding CSS & HTML for a custom domain FTP blogger site. What does that mean in basic terms? A total pain in the

I will not be posting much for a while

I’ll try to keep this short. Today my computer was destroyed thanks to an ignorant/retarded/blind/shithead/asshole driver of a large truck. This waste-of-sperm actually passed me then proceeded to almost crush me between his truck and a parked PGW truck. Yeah, leave it to PGW to be at the right place at the wrong time! (oh

Weird video of the week (January 30)

What’s up with the Ms. Melody look-alike trying to sing over techno beats and molesting muppets? IDK either which is why it wins the coveted title. If broken vases and flying flowers are your thing, this video is for you. On a side note, what’s up with everybody that isn’t hip-hop trying to look like

That’s it, I’m leaving this country..

For years now I’ve been wanting to leave America for many reasons. It’s not that I’m anti-American in any way. The problem is that our system has failed us all miserably and I for one just cannot see myself ever living a comfortable life here. This movie somewhat helps to justify my decision to leave.

Design of the year..

Sure I post a lot of crazy things that all have merit but truth be told, I’m not really into most high-end design other than eye-candy. Furniture design mostly bores the shit out of me..’product design’ is usually pointless or wasteful..automotive design is relatively stagnant..and overall, the most so-called industrial design is only concerned with

…And Now You Know PSA’s

This is part of a series of Public Service Announcements that aim to educate and raise social awareness of serious issues facing America. I don’t have TV, so I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure these are being aired on all the major networks. If they aren’t yet, they should be! I would encourage

99 Problems

Really I have more than 99 problems but this is the 99th posting on here and that was a good, catchy and obvious title. Aren’t I clever?! (*patting self on back) Maybe I should have something better to post than just some jibberish about this being the 99th post but the truth is, I don’t.

What it’s like for a man

I live in a cave that makes time stand still. This explains why I don’t catch on to some things until after everybody else. Case in point, the “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?” video by Gnarls Barkley. I’ve liked this song since I first heard it but the video is really powerful. I’m soooo glad