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Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization

That is the title of the cover story for the new issue of Adbusters magazine. I don’t think this is the full article but is still highly recommended. Personally, I don’t quite understand that culture and don’t like most of the music. I’m not a hater though, and really like some of the music emerging

American Apparel

Say what you will about American Apparel but I love the brand. Admittedly, I do not buy $50 sweatshirts from their stores (or anything else for that matter) but their business philosophy is one to make note of. Imagine if even 10% of companies in the world operated with similar ethics with regards to production

What the (bleep) do we know?!

Here’s a clip from the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know? (Down The Rabbit Hole)”. More specifically it’s from the ‘quantum edition’ which allows the viewer to watch the movie in potentially infinite ways by jumping in and out of ‘rabbit holes’ of information. By information, I mean rants by people who don’t know

Type Cube..

Chris Clarke is a good up and coming designer mostly focused on graphics and typography. I think this project in the picture is quite interesting. It goes beyond game or tool territory and transforms making fonts a zen-like experience. (Both the Taoist & Buddhist I Ching are based on a system of 6×64) “Modular Typeface

New exhibit opens at MoMA. I’m going..

So, now on the list of things to go to next time I’m in NYC is the new exhibit at MoMA called ‘Home Delivery’. I’ve only taken a very quick look at the site and it’s about the idea of prefabricated housing & construction options for the urban environment. There will be 5 pre-fab structures

Breaking News: Lil’ Wayne is an idiot!

I’ve always thought that Lil Wayne is amongst the most overrated rappers ever and could never understand why anybody in their right mind would think he’s dope. Seriously folks…explain to me why people continue to trick themselves, and him, into believing he’s even in the top 1,000 best MCs. If you’re reading this blog you

Never judge a record by the cover

Every record digger is bound to pick up those records that just ‘look dope’ thinking “there’s gotta be some sick break on here.” Sometimes this is true but sometimes you get stuck with music that is so bad you just sit there in a state of confusion and, if the record is cheap enough, you

Bad and worse videos of the week

Thanks to my man Statik for always taking time to suffer through some of the worst music clips on youtube and sending them to me. Thanks for taking one for the team bro!.I’m sure they get waaaay better but I turned them off at about the 20sec mark..because I didn’t want to spoil a good

Awe…isn’t that sweet

Here are a couple stories that I thought were touching. I like romantic stuff like this sometimes because it makes me feel human and I can laugh at somebody for being such a wimp! (just kidding) I’m a bit of a romantic myself but I’m not sure I’d do anything as crazy as these guys.