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What’s wrong with music the club scene right now

UUUGGGGHHHH….. can somebody PLEEEEEEASE tell my why bullshit like this is considered dope right about now in the club scene? I have seriously asked people that are into this kind of trash why and they can’t seem to understand the question. Typical responses include, “because of dude…it’s the shit” or “you mean, you don’t like

another BAD video!!

After checking out some other hipster blogs I found something worse than those previous videos. There were many bad songs to choose from but some of the videos are actually pretty interesting. I’ll post those at times too. Anyway, this is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard and what is worse is that

News: breaks, I waste a lot of time

Since yesterday, has been royally screwed up. Everybody using FTP with their service has been experiencing issues ranging from very long loading times to not being able to publish anything at all. Most people wouldn’t expect this to happen. So, like I’m sure most of us did, I tried everything I could possibly do