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Weird video of the week

This is an odd choice. Actually, it’s not even so much about the video as it is the song itself. I really don’t find the kaleidoscopic effects all that weird or surprising for Erykah. The really bizarre part, for me, is that it’s featuring Lil Wayne!??? What the HELL is/was she thinking!? Now, he doesn’t

Let Yourself Feel

Nice animation, I think made with Processing, just simply using graceful strokes of color and quotes from famous designers and artists. This guy has a really impressive portfolio of motion graphics that you should check out.

Video Game Hell/Heaven

Interesting piece by German studio Muscle Beaver. I guess with a name like that you need to be dope…really, dope! Which they happen to be. Really good quality work on all fronts and a good range of styles.


It took this video for me to like this song by Mike Snow. I wasn’t really into but the video definitely does it justice. Really high-quality video shot in India.

Second Skin

Great documentary about gaming addicts. It’s presented and put together in such a way that it teeters on the edge of fiction which is fitting given the subject matter but is very real, bizarre and beautiful at the same time. I thought I’d fall asleep watching it at 3 am but ended up watching the

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know this is a little late but I wanted it to be proper and not just a sentence or 2 and 1 song. Nothing against those that did that but as a blog with a main focus on music I think this post deserved more attention. For most of us soul music

Design of the year. Maybe.

I see & study a lot of design that’s out there and sure, a lot of it is shiny, cool, smooth, expensive and often useless. Then every once in a while comes along a product that just makes sense and you want to punch yourself because you didn’t think of it or do it first.

Longest Solar Eclipse of the 21st Century

Ok, back from a little hiatus….I’ll be posting a lot over the next couple weeks though to make up for it. I’ve seen and heard a ton of great things to share but let’s start with something that will only happen once in our lifetime. If I had the money I would have flown over